The Campaign for Authentic Lager

To join CAMAL and receive an annual, illustrated, newsletter together with the opportunity to participate in the yearly research expedition, please remit £3.00 by cheque to John Rooth, Treasurer, at the address given on the Contact Us page.

Newly-subscribed members are also expected to make a one-off purchase of a CAMAL badge at £3.00 from him when attending their first CAMAL event (details on the Forthcoming Socials page) which should be worn when participating in any CAMAL activities. Please note that there are now only 2 badges left (correct to January 2021). 

Depending on availability, a sample back issue of the newsletter will also be sent to new members who, if they are unable to attend a future social easily, can receive their badge by post upon forwarding a cheque for an additional £1.00 (ie £4.00 total or £7.00 including membership) to include for postage & packing.